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BuddyFuse – Add Google Talk & Twitter To Windows Live Messenger

BuddyFuse is the newly released add-in for Windows Live Messenger that adds support for both Google Talk and Twitter. It is still in beta and you should expect to see more supported networks in near future, such as, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, XMPP(Jabber), etc.

It has been developed by two computer science students Yousef El-Dardiry and Jeroen Bransen from Netherlands which originally supported only Hyves(popular social network in Netherlands). Due to it’s initial success and strong feedback from the community they have now added Google Talk and Twitter support as well. Plans for other IMs and Social Networks are in the pipeline.

Once installed, you will be able to view and chat with all your Google Contacts from within Windows Live Messenger and also be able to tweet anything to your twitter account.


This is how it works, you launch BuddyFuse from within Live Messenger, add the accounts, and start using it. You will be able to chat simultaneously with your Live Messenger and Google contacts. So how does Twitter integration works? When you will enter new status message, it will be posted as a tweet to your twitter account as well.

Watch the video below for a more clear guide.


Sadly I was having difficulty to get it working on my Windows Live Messenger version 2009(Build 14.0.8089.726). So far it doesn’t support the latest version of Live Messenger, the option of BuddyFuse is nowhere to be found. Since this add-in has recently been launched and is in beta, expect to see the compatibility resolved in the next release.

Go ahead and give it a try, let me know if it works for you. This will certainly be helpful to most users since for the majority of people Live Messenger is still thes preferred IM of choice. Instead of grabbing a 3rd party IM client, now you can get all the functionality from within Live Messenger.

Download BuddyFuse

It works on all versions of Windows Live Messenger according to the developer, but as I mentioned above it failed to work with the latest version during my testing. Enjoy!

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