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Build Websites With Microsoft WebMatrix

Microsoft has recently released a tool called WebMatrix for simple and easy development of websites. It is suitable for both advanced Windows user and novices. You don’t have to worry about web server configuration, data base management, or any advance concepts, since it does it all for you. It includes a web server, a web framework, and an embedded database. It is a powerful tool for users of all level. A step-by-step website building tool for novices and a robust tool for advance users. You can ride full potential of IIS Developer Express (web server), ASP.net (web framework), and SQL Server (embedded database compact). It is basically a combination of all powerful tools which are needed to build and launch a website such as code editor, database editor, FTP management and much more.

The video below demonstrates further how to use WebMatrix to create websites.

To summarize with, it is a powerful tool which provides simple and smart solution for website creation. No matter you are a novice or advance user, you’ll enjoy using it. Full overview with complete list of features can be seen on the product page.

Download WebMatrix

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