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BulkPicMe: Resize, Rotate, Flip And Change Image Format In Bulk

BulkPicMe is a free application that can perform multiple operations over images in bulk. It let user easily rotate, flip, resize and change output file format of all the specified images. The best part is that you can assign different actions to be performed over selected images, which mean that you wont require to perform same set of operations over all the images, just select image(s) from the list and specify an operation to be performed exclusively.

The interface is quite simple. While supporting drag & drop behavior to populate the list, you can also specify the folder’s path where images are residing. The image transformation needs 4 steps to be taken, you’d need to click Next after each step, first step is of specifying images, second is of choosing operation(s), in third step you need to specify the output path and in last step, click Start BulkPicMe to begin the process in question.

BulkPicMe v2.0.0.2

The application supports all eminent image file formats such as; BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and lot more. It offers a satisfactory process time and capable of converting multiple types of images in one-go.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on x86 system running Windows 7.

Download BulkPicMe

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