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Buzz Folders: Show Recently Used Folders In File Open/Save Dialog

If you work in same multiple directories continuously, you always have to follow longer paths to reach specific folders to open or save files which takes lot of time. Buzz Folders is a File Open/Save dialog box extender, which displays the most recently used folders, thus, enabling you to open and save files much faster.

It boosts your speed of working by providing quick access to the most recently used folders. You can navigate to these folders in just one click, and can quickly open or save your file from/at appropriate place. It appears in the bottom of file open / save dialog box having four tabs, each one of them showing four most recently used folders.

The first tab displays the program from which you are accessing file open/save dialog box.

Second tab named ‘Stickies’ is customizable – you can add your favorite folders here (by navigating to any folder and then clicking the slot to add it). ‘Global’ tab displays all folders which were accessed for all programs recently.

Last tab is also customizable which displays the recently accessed folders of any user-selected file type. By default, the fourth tab is named mp3 but this extension can be changed, allowing you to view all ‘recently used folders’ for any file type. Right-click on this tab to select the file type from the drop-down list (it displays only those file types with which you have recently worked on). If the file type is not displayed, you can enter it manually as well.

As a bonus, it also lets you add a program for which you want to list the most ‘recently used folders’, also you can get useful windows folder listed in this tab by typing ‘explorer.exe’ in text field which is showed after right clicking on the tab.

The program by default shows only four recently used folders in the open / save dialog box. Upto 10 folders can be accessed from the application’s system tray context menu.

If you want it to start automatically on startup, select ‘Run at Start up’ option.  ‘Remove missing link’ enables you to automatically remove any missing links to files or folders. ‘Enable’ option lets you chose whether you want its interface visible or not. Any of  the ten displayed folders can be opened with a single click.

Only shortcoming which you will notice is that it displays only four recently used folders in the dialog box. You can upgrade to ‘Professional’ or ‘Professional Elite Version’ to enjoy upgraded functionality.

In short it is a very useful tool which increases productivity by saving lot of time. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Buzz Folders

[via InstantFundas]


  1. The program “anvir” provides similar functionality, with more than 4 recent entries. I think there is a free version for non commercial use.

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