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Cache DNS Results To Boost Internet Speed With DnsSpeeder

One way to boost internet speed is to use freely available open DNS services. You can switch between different DNS services other than provided by your ISP to check which service provides best results. If switching DNS services doesn’t help, you can try an application which attempts to cache DNS queries to mitigate the time required in looking up IPs of requested domains. DnsSpeeder is DNS proxy server which provides you with just that. It automates the whole process of storing DNS results on your local machine. Being a proxy server, it replaces your primary DNS server address to localhost. When DNS request is received from client, it looks up the IP addresses of the requested domain from local cache instead of fetching required info from your ISP to speed up internet access. In case, it fails to find the IP address of requested domain, it uses certain DNS services to return resolution results back to client.

Moreover, when you close DnsSpeeder, all of your default settings get restored automatically. DnsSpeeder offers a customizable list of DNS servers. It is recommended to first add appropriate DNS servers addresses, so that it can resolve domain mapping without any problems. The main window shows current DNS cache with info like, requested domains with their IPs, hits and last hit date stamps.


From underneath the main window, you can view requests and DNS server list. The bottom pane lets you run Nslookup command while information such as Network Status, DNS server, Cache update, and Proxy server is shown alongside.

After quitting DnsSpeeder, you can verify the previously used DNS server address from your current network IPv4 Properties window. DnsSpeeder works on both client and server versions of Windows.

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