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Calculate And Check Integrity Of Files & Registry With Object Monitor

Checking the integrity of files lets you know if the file that you just downloaded is corrupt or not. Hackers can get on to a website and, either change, or modify the file available for download. This allows them to install their own code on your computer that helps then in performing malicious activity on, or through your computer. Object Monitor is an open source application which allows you to check the integrity of your files and registry keys. The application will let you use different algorithms for checking integrity such as CRC16, MD5, SHA1 and Size. You can add files and registries individually or select a parent folder to create a list. Once a list is created, Object Monitor allows you to save the list, enabling you to easily access it the next time. Reports of the list can be generated in HTML and Rich text format and a log file is created for every performed action to save the data for future use.

The interface has New, Add Files, Add Dir (to add directories), Add Registry, Save List, Load List from File, Calculate, Check and On/Off Log (to toggle real-time log on and off) at the top. The file list appear in the middle and real-time log is at the bottom of the interface.

To start, use Add Files and Add Registry buttons to start adding new files and registries to the list. Once all required files and registries are added, click Calculate to calculate the current state of files and registries. To check the integrity of the files and registries, click Check. Under Check column in the list, the changed files will appear as Not Passed.

Object Monitor

The Settings menu can be accessed from the top and it lets you change the default algorithm from CRC16, CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, Tiger, Haval, Size etc. You can choose the Log File Location and Temporary File Location and toggle Auto Column Size and Display Confirmation Dialog. When all defualt settings are done, click OK.


The Reports option under Action allows you to generate reports in HTML and Rich Text format detailing the Name, Path, Checksum Value, Algorithm, Size and Check result.

Object Monitor Report

During testing, we encountered a limitation in that the application doesn’t give the user any type of notification in case a file fails the check. We hope that the developer includes it in the next release. Object Monitor works on all versions of Windows.

Download Object Monitor

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