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Calculate Earnings And Track Time Spent On A Project With Kapow Punch Clock

Punch clocks are used to record time spent by employees in office. Each employee is required to punch the clock when he/she arrives and before leavening. This records the time and attendance of employees and helps monitor the amount of time spent by them. With the advancement of technology, punch clock have now been replaced with automated login systems. Kapow is a portable time tracking application which has been inspired from a punch clock. It is designed to help you keep track of time spent on numerous tasks and projects. A simple Start/Stop mechanism is provided for recording time spent on tasks with the option to edit any of the entries to adjust tracking hours to correct errors. Other than being a time tracking application for common users, it can also be used by remote workers who may wish to calculate the amount of money earned by working on online freelance project. An exampe would be people who are hired to work via web services such as oDesk. Kapow contains a built-in calculation system which can peg a specified amount money with calculated hours to provide you with a time sheet and estimated earnings from a project according to the amount of time spent on it. Kapow has versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To record time spent on tasks, go to Project –> Add and enter a project name. To start the timer, select a project and click Start.


This will start recording the time for the specific project until you click Stop. Each project is displayed with time stats including the date, time, hours, etc. In case of an error or to adjust the name or tracking time for a project double-click on it. For example, if you add a project, e.g. Work and start the timer, Kapow will record the time until you click Stop. In case you spend some of this time on another tasks (e.g. surfing the web), you can adjust the time settings by double-clicking on the time and editing it. Project names can also be edited and changed the same way.

Office Work — Kapow Punch Clock

You can add financial figures in relation to the time spent on a project and generate time sheets from Project –> Report –> Data tab. This can be quite helpful for remote workers as they often have their earnings pegged with the amount of time spent on a specific project.

Time Sheet Report

The time sheet can be previewed and printed from the Preview tab.


Kapow is an open source application which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux Mandriva and OpenSuse.

Download Kapow

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