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CapShare: Instantly Share Screenshots Or Stored Images On Facebook

There are tons of different tools available that let you capture screenshots of your computer screen, and we have also covered quite a lot of them from time to time. The most popular ones contain plethora of features (even a few unnecessary ones, yup!) such as Greenshot, Shotty and LiveCapture etc., but they still lack one major option, i.e. sharing captured screens directly on Facebook. Well don’t worry though as CapShare can do that for you. It is a lightweight screen capturing tool that aims to fill that gap by capturing screenshots and uploading on the social network giant. It not only lets you to capture any part of your screen and share it on Facebook, but you can also upload any image file which is stored on your computer, instantly. It makes it quite easy to share images with your Facebook friends. Read past the jump for more details.

The process of capturing screen is quite simple and easy. To capture any screen, right click on the application’s notification icon and click Start to capture (you can also perform the same action by simply double clicking the icon, or by simply using the hotkey) to trigger the process.


Now, select the area of the screen that you want to capture via clicking and dragging mouse curser over it. When you’re done making your selection, the selected area will automatically be copied to clipboard and the application window itself.


When successfully embedded in, you can write any comment about the image that you may want to post with the picture. In case you’ve captured the screen from a website and let’s say, you want to mention its reference, simply click Get URL to instantly obtain its web address. Finally, you can choose to select between Normal or Stretched next to Photo Size to change the size of your image. When you’re ready, click Share to post the picture instantly to your Facebook timeline. If you want to upload an existing photo from your computer, click Load Image From Your Computer and select your desired file.


Albeit being a handy tool, it does have a little bug, which is, when sometimes you share an image to the website, it still won’t appear on your Facebook timeline. We hope this issue will be resolved in future updates. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Download CapShare

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  • Antonio Anderson

    If the bug is that it sometimes doesn’t do what it is designed to do, I’d consider it more of a “major failing”.

  • Antonio Anderson

    If the bug is that it sometimes doesn’t do what it is designed to do, I’d consider it more of a “major failing”.

  • Nice little tool, but should have privacy options such as Friends, Close Friends, Acquaintances, Public, etc.