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Capture Audio & Video From Desktop Or Webcam & Stream It To Another PC

We cover a lot of screenshot and screencast utilities here to help you capture and share your on-screen activity with others. Most screencast tools are limited in the sense that they only allow you to capture the screen video, and you have to use other software to record any audio over it. Today, we’re bringing you a screen recording application called Shoot Your Screen that allows you to capture video from your screen and webcam, as well as the audio feed from a built-in or external microphone. You can choose a specific screen region for capturing the video feed and stop the capture after required number of seconds. Moreover, the application allows you to stream the feed over the internet without using a third-party streaming tool.

A tool like this can come really handy when you want to add a narration to your screencast. Furthermore, for making videos that involve both on-screen and off-screen activity (such as a tutorial on installing firmware to your mobile device using both PC software and on-device operations, or simply your own video in parts where narration has the focus), the app eliminates the need to use different programs to capture the screencast and the video from your webcam. Its ability to directly stream the video online further eliminates the hassle of uploading the video yourself to another service or using another app for the purpose.

Despite its feature set, the main interface of the application is as distraction-free as it gets, with options to directly start or stop recording, show the saved files from previous recordings, and access the options screen. It’s the options screen that has most of the action, allowing you to select the video and audio devices that are to be used for recording the feeds, select a folder for saving the recorded files, specify a URL for streaming out the video, choose the duration for time-limited recording, and preview the recording with all the specified settings.

Shoot Your Screen Main

The application allows you to change the video device to use as the source, letting you switch between screen recording and recording from any webcam attached to your computer.

Shoot Your Screen Video Source

In the same way, you can change the source for audio capture allowing you to choose between a built-in or external microphone, or virtual audio capturer to record application sounds.

Shoot Your Screen Audio Source

You can stream the recording in various resolutions, including the native resolution at which it was captured, VGA, SVGA, HD480, HD720 and HD1080, which is very impressive for a free app.

Shoot Your Screen Resolution

For screencast recordings, you will be able to specify the screen area for the recording when you hit the Start! button, using a transparent window that can be dragged around, resized or made full-screen. Once you have it set the way you want, just click in the center of the window to begin recording.

Shoot Your Screen Area Recording

The following screenshot displays the preview of webcam recording that makes this tool different from other screencast-only apps we’ve seen before.

Shoot Your Screen Webcam Recording

Shoot Your Screen works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Shoot Your Screen

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