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Capture, Edit And Share Screenshots With Owely

A lot of tools allow you to take screenshot of your computer screen using different methods. Using different tools, you can capture a screen region, an open window, the complete screen, or even take scrollable screenshots of complete web pages. There are many screenshot tools out there, boasting different features, but if you want a lightweight screenshot tool that is not loaded with excessive options, have a look at Owely. It is a screenshot application that lets you take screenshots, quickly edit them and instantly upload to Owely’s servers for sharing. This application allows you to capture the whole screen, or just a region, and draw lines, add arrows, boxes, text boxes and crop the image, If you mess up while editing your images, you have the option to undo and redo the actions. You can upload the images to Owely’s server and share the screenshots through a URL with your friends.

To start using Owely, you will have to register an account first. Upon first install, you will be notified to enter your email address and password into the application. If you don’t already have an account, click Sign Up Now to create a new account. A webpage will automatically open allowing you to create an account. When done, enter the Email and Password in their respective field in Owely and click OK.

Owely Settings

The application runs in the system tray. Right-click its icon to view the hotkeys for two capture modes: Ctrl + Win + D for Capture Screen and Ctrl + Win + R for Capture Region. Click Settings to change the default email address and general settings including Run on System Start and Auto Update.


When screen is captured, you can edit the image before saving it. In the top right corner, buttons are available to Draw Lines, Arrows, Boxes, Text Boxes, Crop, Undo and Redo actions. When you are finished with editing the picture, press Esc to save the image.


In the Upload dialogue box, you have the option to Save As, Copy To Clipboard or Upload the image. Enter a Title and Description for the image.


Clicking Upload will upload the file to Owely’s server and it will provide you with a URL that you can use to share the image with other people.

Owely Screenshot

When you create an account, Owely provides you with a 50mb of free upload space. It works on MAC OS X, Linux, and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Owely


  1. why is it so hard to find a similar app that DOESN’T live in the system tray?

    i’m looking for an app similar to windows snipping tool that starts from a shortcut, but adds a few features such as adding text, lines arrows etc

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