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Cas Creates A Collage Of Images

Cas is a freeware which lets user create a collage in JPG format of all specified images. It indexes all the images into one, albeit indexing is comprehended differently, here it is simply referring towards creating a huge image which shows all the specified images in thumbnail size or of whatever size you choose. Despite being an image index creator, it also allow users to insert the image file name with its respective image in index image.

There is no apparent interface of the application, only an Options window, where you can specify Folder, Background color, Text color, Text size, Image size (in pixels), and JPG quality. Once application is installed, run the executable, it’ll prompt you to specify the folder, where images are residing, after then you will see the Options dialog where you can configure aforementioned settings.

Cas options

Once all settings are specified, click OK to create an Index Image. The quality of index image is subjected to the specified size and JPG quality value. If you’re dealing with huge image set then size should be correctly specified whereas quality can be compromised.


The application comes with context menu support. The installation package include two registry files, one for adding an option to right-click context menu and other to remove it.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on x86 system running Windows 7.

Download Cas

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