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Catalogue CD/DVD Content With CD Sync

You might have found yourself in situation where you desperately need to list down the media files into distinctive categories. Even though this can be done manually, it would be bit tedious to find out the exact media file. Cataloguing CD/DVD files can reduce the hard work requires to group each set of media files, significantly. So, if you consistently burn your favorite music on DVD/CD, then finding the burned media files and finding those which are in pipeline is a bit tough. To cope up with this, CD Sync can help you in this regard. Primarily it’s for cataloguing CD/DVD data so you can remember each set of media files.

It is pretty useful for listing down the music or movies which you either have or intending to burn on CD/DVD. By cataloguing, you can save a lot of time for finding out the media files and CD/DVDs content. Though Windows Search can be used for this purpose but it’s not that much efficient in finding out what sort of files you’re looking for.

To start out with, launch the application and click New to create a fresh set of media files. Specify the folder path to create catalogue (Image). You can create as many Images as you want.

Cd Sync

By cataloguing each CD/DVD content in it, you don’t need to search through each CD/DVD records to find the required media file. You can also look for the files when the source media is not available. If you’ve recently updated the contents of the Image source folder, you can easily update them in the its catalogue too. Click Refresh to sync the contents with source media, i.e CDs and DVDs.

Under Tool menu, you can import and export Image (catalogue) files, so you wont need to stick with one system as catalogue portability defines the best attributes in it, start carrying your music catalogue anywhere.

Other noteworthy features it offer;

  • Store folders’ file structure.
  • Store extended properties (above 25) including file name, size, date, artist name,album title, album year and so on.
  • Provides powerful search feature (content specific search capability).
  • Import & Export of Images

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download CD Sync

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  • Derek

    So will this catalogue my music automatically if I point it at a parent directory? Or do I still have to go through each one by hand and set the tags?

    • @Derek

      Yes it will do exactly that.. You only need to point to the parent directory, and it will automatically catalog all the files and sub-directories (any level deeper) too.. 🙂