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Chameleon Folder Allows Quick Folder Navigation From Anywhere

Chameleon Folder is a nifty application with two purpose – first it lets you quickly access favorite and frequently used files and folders from anywhere, and second that it makes navigation much faster. You can customize the menu and access it from windows explorer, save/open dialog box, archive extract window, desktop, etc with a simple middle click (usually associated with mouse wheel) or any user-defined hotkey.

The idea is rather intriguing and simple, and so is the usage. Middle-click (or click the hotkey) anywhere to bring the Chameleon Folder menu, now select any folder to access it. If you open this menu over Windows Explorer, Open/Save dialog box, etc to select a folder, then you are immediately taken to that folder. The only time it will open the selected folder in new window is when you are on desktop.

To add any desired location in its menu, Click Options. You can create as many menus and sub-menus for carrying different type of folders.

open folders

Adding folders in menu and sub-menu is a cinch, just click Add Folder to select your favorite location, specify title, position in menu, and icon if required. For adding a submenu to categorize like folders, click the respective button and specify title of the sub menu.


The Preferences tab refers to the menu, sub menu-specific settings and general application behavior. If you’re using a simple mouse without 3rd button (mouse wheel) on it, the it would be necessary to change the respective settings to make use of this application. You can also register hotkeys instead, if you feel more comfortable that way.


As far as our experience is concerned, we love it over open/save dialog box, since it allows us to navigate quickly to any folder without opening it in new window.

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You can also add folder and open/save configuration from its system tray icon. It supports all versions of Windows, testing was carried out on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download Chameleon Folder


  1. I’ve been using direct folders for some time now. Not sure if Chameleon Folder does this but direct folders also has a neat feature where if you’re in a save dialogue and you have an explorer window open, by simply alt tapping or switching focus to the explorer window, the save dialogue goes to that folder as well. Its a simple thing but surprisingly powerful if you have been working in a folder but haven’t added to the shortcut menu yet. It has saved me and dozens of people I’ve recommended it to so much time.

    Direct Folders Page

    • Ditto Chameleon Folders as explained in the article. Chameleon Folders just easier, quicker and totally free.

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