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Change Folder Icon Color Or Add Custom Icons In Windows

Do you want to change the icon color of different folders in Windows? Or maybe you have made some custom icons and would like to apply it on different folders? If you want to better organize your folders by changing their colors or by adding your custom icon, then all you need is useful little software called Folder Marker. It supports 32-bit icons, and can work with several folders at once.

Simply launch the program, choose the folder whose icon you would like to change and then choose the icons from the Colors tab, Main tab, and User’s Icons tab.

folder marker main window

You can choose from up to 11 different colors from Colors tab, you can also mark your folders by priority, degree of work complete, and the type of information it contains by going to Main tab. If you have created a custom icon, go to User’s Icon and select the icon which you would like to apply to the folder.

Another great way to change the folder icon is to right-click any folder and select Mark Folder, and then from here you can set any option that you like.

folder market right-click It is the most easy to use application to customize folder icons in Windows, if you like to keep stuffs organized like me, you should give it a try.s

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