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Change The Default Drive For Installing Modern App In Windows 10

A few days ago we discussed how you can move an already installed Modern app to a different drive. Apps installed from the Windows Store by default are installed in the C drive and you do have the option to move them to a different drive later without having to go uninstall and reinstall them. If you want to change the installation location for all apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store so that you don’t have to move them later, here’s the setting you need to tweak to do it.

Update: You might not see this feature for a few months as Microsoft has delayed it for now.

Open the Settings app and click the System group of settings. In the Storage tab you will see which drive your apps are installed in by default. You will also see where music, photos, and other downloads are saved.

win10 save locations

Click the drop-down under ‘New apps will save to’ and select the drive you want all future apps to be installed in. Follow suit for the music, documents, pictures etc., if you want to change where they are saved.

win10 save locations change

Needless to say, this change will affect apps that are installed after it. All previously installed apps, modern or otherwise, will not be moved to the drive you just selected. We mentioned earlier that as far as modern apps go you have the option to move them to a different drive under Settings>System>Apps & features.

If the apps you’ve installed aren’t all Modern apps or you install such apps in future, you will be asked which drive you want to install them to during the installation process.


  1. I’m having the exact same issue as both chris and adrian pretty bummed as my ssd only has less than 20GB left.

  2. Same issue as Chris Kee. The ‘New Apps will save to’ drop down box is unavailable. This is a pain as I intend to keep Windows 10 stand alone on it’s own drive.

  3. There seems to be an issue people are having where under where it says “New Apps will save to:” the drop down list in completely greyed out and unselectable. If you have a fix for this please reply.

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