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Change The Default Search Engine In Edge In Windows 10

Edge in Windows 10 is receiving mixed reviews so far; those that aren’t plagued by bugs obviously have a better impression of the new browser than those encountering bugs in both the browser and Windows 10 itself. While Microsoft may have managed to churn out a reasonably good browser that people are more than willing to give a chance to, Bing isn’t going to be as lucky. Microsoft is looking to push Bing on to Windows users any way it can and likewise, users are trying to avoid it. There’s even a work around for getting Cortana to use Google if your default browser is Chrome or Firefox. If you’re planning on using Edge but would like to change the default search engine from Bing to Google (or anything else), here’s how.

Open Edge and go to Google.com (or your preferred search engine). Click the More actions button on the title bar in Edge and select Settings. In the Settings panel click ‘Advanced settings’.

Pull down the ‘Search in address bar with’ drop-down menu and select ‘Add new’. Don’t just select the other search engine even if it appears in the list. Click ‘Add new’


Select the search engine you want to use on the next screen and click the ‘Add as default’ button.


Likewise, you can remove a search engine as well but it seems you can’t remove Bing (no big surprise there). Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the search engine to ignore your location in Edge, even if you turn location services off which means you have Google going to your local search instead of sticking to Google.com. Seems the only thing that might fix it is an extension.

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