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Change The Default Theme And Text Size In Microsoft Edge Reading Mode

Microsoft Edge ships with a reading mode. When you visit a web site and switch to the reading mode, or if you browse the web in the reading mode, it strips the page of all images and just about anything that isn’t text so you can read it easily. The Reading mode has, by default, three different themes apart from the default theme and you can choose how big or small the text appears. Here’s how.

Open Edge and click the More Actions button at the top right. Click Settings at the very bottom and scroll down to the Reading section. Here you will find two drop-down menus; one for  the theme dubbed ‘Reading View Style’ and the other for the text size dubbed, Reading view font size’.



From the reading view style, you can choose from one of four styles; default, light, medium, and dark. The styles refer to the background color for the page and the contrasting text color. The Reading view font size lets you choose from one of four text sizes; small, medium, large, and Extra large.



You can change both the reading view style and the text size on the fly and you won’t have to refresh the page. The themes are the usual light-to-dark ones you normally see on reading apps for smartphones. The text size control, however, is terribly limited. It doesn’t take much to give uses a font size tool and Microsoft decided against providing one.


    • This is rubbish. There is no “More Actions” Button at the top right hand of the window. Any answer for a question should say exactly where to find a selection.

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