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Charming Reddit Is A Windows 8 Reddit Client Focused On Images

Reddit is among the most popular websites on the internet right now. It provides users with a platform to share social news and entertainment content in the form of a link, text or an image. Other users of the service can then express their opinion by voting it up or down, and leaving comments. Because of its huge community, it offers a great way to discover new and interesting information, and have a discussion on it with other people having similar interests but vastly varying opinions. Previously, we have covered some great Windows 8 apps such as ReddHub and Snoo that allow you to browse the content posted on reddit. Charming Reddit is another reddit client for Windows 8, but one that focuses on providing a better way to view images shared on the network.

By default, the app is set to open the /r/pics/ subreddit. The interface looks a lot like that of a gallery app. The thumbnail of every image posted there is displayed, along with the description, total number of up votes and down votes it received, and the number of comments posted in the thread. More subreddits are listed at the top in a scrollable bar, and can be accessed with a simple click or tap.

Charming Reddit Main

Click an image to open it in full screen view. While viewing an image, the buttons at the top-left allow you to upvote or downvote the image, read the comments posted by others on it, or share it with others. Right now, Charming Reddit does not support adding or replying to comments from within the app.

Charming Reddit Image

Selecting share allows you to instantly share the content with others using Windows 8 Share Charm. All your currently installed Windows 8 apps that allow sharing content with other contacts through this method can be used from this list.

Charming Reddit Share

Other than choosing subreddits for grouping similar image together, you can also sort them according to different popularity criteria. ‘What’s Hot’ is selected by default, but you can change it to Top Scoring, What’s New and Most Controversial categories for different time slots, as you can see below.

Charming Reddit Sort

Scroll to the end of the subreddit list and hit ‘Add SubReddit’ to add your favorite ones to the app for quick access. As soon as you add a subreddit of your choice, will instantly appear in the subreddit bar at the top. Moreover, you can remove any of the reddits available in the app by default, by heading over to the Delete SubReddit section from the same bar bar.

Charming Reddit Add Subreddit

The app can also be snapped to the side. Clicking an image opens it instantly in your browser while hitting the comments button takes you directly to its comments thread for quick access.

Charming Reddit Snapped

In order to vote, you will obviously need to sign in with your Reddit account. You can do that from the Settings Charms; just enter your account details, hit the ‘Save and Login’ button, and you’re ready to vote.

Charming Reddit Login

Charming Reddit works on Windows RT and both 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

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