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Brosix: Chat & Collaborate For Secure Project Management Across Multiple Platforms

When managing teams and projects, most of the time and energy of capable individuals is spent on coordination and collaboration for better work distribution. Instant Messengers aim to enhance cooperation between team members. Brosix is a powerful, cross-platform Instant Messenger that allows you to chat and share sensitive data with the concerned individuals in a fully protected, private channel. From the individual to large scale organizations, the importance of this application in achieving productivity is commendable. In addition, it supports all popular operating systems, whether on your Smartphone or your system PC. Workers can keep in touch by using features like swift screen and file sharing, online white-board, co-browsing, audio/video chat and conferencing to improve the collective good.

As soon as the installation completes, the Brosix Welcome Screen comes to view, guiding you in fully tapping the functionalities. After getting an orientation to the new version, it is advisable to configure your system resources, accordingly. Checking speaker, microphone and webcam settings is recommended, and you should thoroughly test all application-related devices before starting a conversation.

Brosix Welcome Screen

You must now create a new Brosix account that will be used to integrate communication either on-the-go (via smartphone), office (standalone software) or home (web client). You can create the account by specifying account settings and personal details.

Brosix - Create account

The account is then used to login to the client while creating a new profile helps you in effectively communicating with friends and colleagues.

Brosix - Profile

Remember, the Brosix system tray icon can also be used to set your status and access the application with a single click. You can configure program settings by the Brosix –> Settings menu. Here, you can modify general, personal, appearance and plugin settings for a better overall experience. Similarly, hotkeys can also be assigned in order to save both time and accessibility.

Brosix Settings

The Contacts menu allows you to search, add and delete contacts to proceed with instant messaging and sharing. The right sidebar lets you use the important features of the application. These can directly be accessed using the Actions menu.

Brosix - list

When a contact is online, you can collaborate by inviting people to a text conference meeting or audio/video chat. Moreover, by utilizing the whiteboard feature, you can creatively convey your point across in a much refined manner. Furthermore, screen-sharing, screenshot and co-browsing tools allow you to share content with others in real-time.

Brosix Text Conference

All in all, this powerful utility is sure to benefit users, worldwide in bridging the communication gap either at home or at the workspace. We tested Brosix Personal on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Web access.

Download Brosix Personal

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