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Quickly Check Hard Drive Crash & Fix it With CheckDrive

If you’re using the very same hard drive which you’ve bought some 5 years ago, you might be on the verge of encountering a serious hard disk crash (we are not saying that it will crash, but old hard disks have high probability of crashing). Even though the hard drive monitoring tools are abundant and have multiple options & features to go around with. CheckDrive comes in straight to address this very problem, as name implies, it is a dedicated tool for analyzing, fixing and generating a complete hard disk report. It is especially built for detecting & fixing hard drive crashes and for checking disk health after an improper shutdown.

The snappy interface will let you easily start checking disk for potential threats & problems. On first time launch, it will automatically detect number of disk drives and list them on the top of the window. All you need is to click on disk drive which you want to check to begin the disk checking process.


Once drive inspection process is finished, a message box will pop-up informing the disk health. If any errors are found, it will prompt to fix them.

disk health1

Despite the fact that it is not full-fledged hard drive inspection tool, it can comes in handy when you’d need to check and fix the disk drives for any potential crash.

It runs all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download CheckDrive


  1. Good point… Linux is better at recovering disks.. worked wonders for me…
    found this newbie website with instructions…

  2. Great post indeed.wow this was so awesome for me.And Windy,thanks for introducing safecopy backup.I looked at the link too and tried out the free unlimited trial version and everything worked out greate for me.

  3. Thanks for the above.I tried checking my hard drive and trust me i got what was wrong.It seems my hard drive was not in good shape.So i hurried and started backing up all my important files and i did this online because i have an account with an online backup system called safecopy backup.And guess what happened after some days,my hard drive crashed but i was so lucky that my files was safe.

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