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Check Network Computers For Weak Security Permissions With ShareScan

In a Domain environment, client computers often have minimum user account privileges. This is purportedly done to ensure that users do not misuse administrative privileges. Among these restrictions one of the most important is control over shared folder access. Many departmental folders are shared across the network in order to provide easy network access to related group of people. In such a case it is necessary that these folders are not accessible by other departments to prevent data theft and loss. For example, if other employees gets access to network shared folders of the Finance department, it can lead to data theft/data loss (such as the case when a novice user deletes the files), employee resentment (if one employee finds out that he/she is getting paid less than a peer) and so on. While most folders are shared from servers, some important office folders are bound to be shared from individual computers. This may be the case when an immediate boss shares files with subordinates or vice versa.

ShareScan is a portable application by McAfee which allows system and network administrators to identify weak file sharing permission available on internal network. This can help them to cover up file/folder and system access permission related loopholes. Just enter an IP range and use your Domain credentials to scan vulnerable computers on the network.

The available scanning options are lined up in Scan Control section, which include, use of credentials for accessing systems (such as credentials of a Domain administrator), randomization of scan order, using the ping command before checking systems, testing open port 445 (the port used for file sharing), viewing all system after the scan in complete, and resolving IP addresses to names. You can also select the ping connection timeout (ms), share enumeration timeout (seconds), and maximum concurrent checks (limited to 64). Once you have selected the desired settings, click Start (Play icon) button to initiate the scanning process.

Scan Complete

When the process is completed, you will receive a prompt that all systems have been scanned. You can either copy the result to clipboard or click Save button at the bottom of the interface to save it in CSV, HTML, TXT, or XML format.

ShareScan - Network Share Scanner - Ver. - Copyright © McAfee, Inc. 2011

Overall, Share Scan is very good tool, however, tt is worth mentioning here that it displays ads for other McAfee products which makes it ad-supported. ShareScan works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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