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Check System Security Level With Security Analyzer

Security Analyzer is one simple application which displays the installed and Windows build-in applications which are vital to prevent your system from different security threats and vulnerabilities, albeit, Windows 7 Action Center displays all the relevant information, this tools shows the overall security status while offering list of actions that needs to be performed to improve the security level.

It offers a minimalistic interface, showing all the build-in and installed security related applications along with the respective status. The status is based on the number of active utilities. Ones which are passive can be activated by clicking the corresponding button. To run the application, you need to launch it with administrative privileges.


If you haven’t used any security analyzer lately to check security threats and risks, this application would let you know the overall security level of your system. The application is portable and works on all Windows based OS. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Security Analyzer


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