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Check Vulnerabilities And Update Applications Security Patches To Protect Your System

Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) addresses the OS-specific vulnerabilities and seek out all the obsolete & out-dated programs and extensions/plug-ins which can exploit your system or make it vulnerable to numerous kind of attacks and threats. It offers a staunch armor to prevent users from programs that can exploit system loop holes or directly attack your PC.

Many Anti-virus suites doesn’t check for the out-dated applications, plug-ins, etc, thus your system can be exploited in various ways. It deploys an extensive security mechanism to prompt user with any possible risks and threats. It alerts users when it finds a latest security patch for an installed application or plug-in to keep the system on safe side. Running it for the first time will begin a complete system scan to locate all the threats and risks that installed application(s) carries within. The main interface displays the summarized scan results, however, detailed report can be reviewed anytime.

Secunia PSI

The left sidebar holds different options, from Dashboard you can view the general scan results, and system security chart to visualize the security level. Under Results, it will show all the installed applications and programs with their respective status. It dispatches threat-relevant information in multiple columns including, Program State, Threat Rating, Detected Version, and Install Solution. Under Install Solution, you can install the security patch or update the application/plug-in by clicking the provided link.

Secunia PSI results1

Finally, from Scan, you can manually start the system scanning. By-default it scans active partition, however, under Settings, you can include other drives as well, you can also create ignore rules to exclude paths from the scanning processes and change other application-specific settings.

Secunia PSI_2010-09-13_14-50-37

If you’re looking for an application which finds out system security issues & vulnerabilities along with the best available solutions, this application suite your needs. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Secuina PSI

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