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CianoDock: Eye-Candy Application Launcher [Windows]

CianoDock is a freeware application built to beautify Windows and provide ease of access to your favorite programs. It help users to easily add bunch of applications, folders and files in to a group to access them with a single click. It facilitates users to wrap-up frequently used application in groups and sits in the system tray for easier accessibility.

It adds four groups (Computer, Games, Office, Multimedia) by default. To add any application just drag and drop it in the group. To create a group right-click the app and select Add a new group.


Drag and drop the PNG image file over any group to Change it’s icon.

drag drop

Right-click the app and select Settings to configure the settings. To change background, select Backgrounds from the context menu, a folder containing background images will pop-up from where you can drag and drop the image into the center of the app to change it’s background.

change background

The video embedded below demonstrates how the app works.

Download CianoDock Application

It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


  1. Great idea on paper, but doesn't work all that well on Win7. Disappears sporadically, despite turning off the “Hide when you launch application” option, and doesn't reappear easily (you have to toy around with it in the taskbar). Couldn't change the background, either; at that point (after about 10 mins of playing with it), I removed it.

    Too much trouble for no reward.

    Maybe after a few more versions…

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