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CladDVD Rips A Single Video Or Whole DVD Easily

Before I begin, let me explain how CladDVD.NET is different from other DVD Ripping tools. Suppose you have a DVD which includes 2 versions of the same movie, theatrical and special edition. You want to Rip only theatrical version(main version) of the movie, what will you do? Almost every DVD ripping tool will rip the whole DVD, which means both versions, which can be quite a headache. On the other hand, CladDVD lets you choose a specific version of the movie to rip, saving lots and lots of time.

Insert the DVD and load up this tool, on the main screen you will find two modes: PGC and DVD. If you have two different versions of the same movie, they will be named as PGC 01 and PGC 02. The version with less playtime is usually the main movie, and the one with longer playtime is obviously a special edition of the movie.

Note: In the below screenshot you will not find two versions of the movie because I couldn’t find any movie in my DVD collection that had two versions. Sorry for that 😉

cladDVD.NET main pgc mode

To rip any specific video, but not the whole movie go to DVD Mode. Here you can select any video of your choice, also you can select the main movie by clicking the Main Movie button.

cladDVD.NET main dvdr mode

Click Options to go to Decryption Options where you can change the output destination, and change other important settings. When done, click Return to go back to main screen.

cladDVD options

When all is ready, click Start RIP to begin the copying process. During the process you can see the few information such as, speed, time left, number of bytes scanned, etc.

burning video using CladDVD

To stop the the process anytime, click STOP. CladDVD.NET is a .NET application, so you will need .NET Framework 2.0 to run it. It is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista. Enjoy!

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