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Clean Both Internet Explorer 9 And Firefox 4 With Latest CCleaner

CCleaner is a widely used system optimization and privacy tool. As we all know,  it works as a system cleaner, MRU list eraser, registry cleaner and can be used to wipe free space from a system. The latest version 3.05 has recently added support for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4, along with enhanced registry cleaning for obsolete software and junk file removing ability for many widely used applications like iMesh, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Adobe Air apps, etc. Some of its main improvements include:

  • Internet Explorer 9 Support
  • Support For Firefox 4
  • Registry Cleaning Support for Windows Services and Cleaning of Obsolete Firewall Rules
  • Cleaning Support For More Applications

Internet Explorer 9 Support

As competition intensifies in the browser market, Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 are locked in an intensive battle for market share as Chrome tries to become the dark horse in the midst of these browser wars. Many applications are rapidly upgrading their versions to provide support for these browser. CCleaner is no exception. The support for Internet Explorer 9 has recently been introduced and it includes some fine features such as cached feeds cleaning, add-on statistics cleaning and intelligent cookie keeping functionality. The latter is not just restricted to IE9 and applies on all supported browsers.

internet Explorer Support

Support For Firefox 4

Support has also been added for the new Firefox 4 and now includes improved features for Mozilla based applications such improved saved password cleaning and some under the hood changes. Whereas, it also includes improved cleaning for Opera, which includes cleaning for saved and opened directory paths. Other new features comprise of iTunes cookie management functionality and the capability to detect invalid browser helper objects.

Piriform CCleaner

Registry Cleaning Support for Windows Services and Cleaning of Obsolete Firewall Rules

Version 3.05 now includes many registry cleaning improvements. It now clears registry entries for obsolete software, unused file extensions, Windows services and provides cleaning support for firewall rules. This has extended its scope of clearing the registery and allowing to clean firewall entries which can not just help in clearing system clutter in a more effective way but also assist in removing potentially conflicting registry entries.


Cleaning Support For More Applications

It now supports cleaning for Adobe Air based apps, Xfire, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog Video Chat, Pidgin, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo Client, uTorrent, iMesh, BearShare, DC++, Ares, Steam and AOL Messenger. CCleaner has also added new environment variables for picture, video, music and document directories in user profiles. This means that now CCleaner can remove unwanted files from multiple applications that are quite commonly used by many users, as well as Windows default user directories.


For the complete list, check out Piriform blog post here. CCleaner version 3.05 works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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