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[Giveaway] Clean, Monitor & Secure Your Windows System With PCKeeper

You might remember our review of MacKeeper earlier this month. The app, which carried quite the price tag, is a must-have for those who want to keep their Mac running smooth and well organized. The developers of Mac Keeper are offering the same tool for PC users as well, called PCKeeper. It’s just as amazing and feature rich as the Mac app, and will cost something between $40 and $90. The app scans your system for problems and identifies them as critical or safe. Depending on the type of license you have, PCKeeper will not only identify problems with your PC, but also help you resolve them. Apart from the system scan, the app secures your system from viruses and helps you recover lost files, track your PC if it’s stolen, and hide your files and folders. The app can find and remove junk files from your system, identify duplicate files, and remove any residual files left behind by apps that have been uninstalled. And finally, the app lets you manage which items appear in right-click context menus, and manage your start-up applications.

Note: PCKeeper is a paid Windows app. We’re giving away 5 licenses for the app to five lucky readers. Details on taking part in the giveaway at the end of the post.

Once installed, the first you thing you want to do is create an account for PCKeeper and activate the app if you’ve got a license. You can try the app out for 7 days if you want, but you should create an account anyway to make the most of it. I started out with a scan of my system and it was complete in 5 minutes flat with some critical issues identified. Depending on the type of license you have, you can send a system report to an expert who will analyze it and help fix it all through the app. PCKeeper normally sends the report within 24 hours, and I got mine back in 3 hours. The problem was that the app didn’t detect it automatically.

find and fix

Feature-wise, the app is divided into three categories: Security, Cleaning, and Organization. The ‘Human Assistance’ category is for support and will differ in how it works depending on the type of license you bought.

The ‘Security’ category installs an antivirus that requires you to disable/uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials if you’re running it. The anti-theft feature runs in the background and works with your PCKeeper account. Upon turning it on, you will be able to log in to PCKeeper online, and notify it when your laptop has been stolen. The app will trace the system when it is turned on and report the location to you. Using the ‘Data Hider’, you can set a password (and a password hint) for hiding files. Hiding files works much much better on a PC than on a Mac. Once added to it, files will no longer appear at their original location. Though file thumbnails (in the case of image files) did continue to appear on the desktop until I rebooted the system, after which they were hidden completely.

data hider

The ‘Shredder’ deletes files securely; they don’t go through the system’s Recycle Bin, and you can choose how securely to shred them i.e. what algorithm to use for the purpose. Last in this category is the file recovery tool, which you can use to scan your PC for recoverable files that you deleted earlier. Be warned that it will not be able to recover all files, and there are bound to be exceptions to what it can or can’t recover. Also, it will not be able to recovery any files that were securely and irrecoverably deleted using ‘Shredder’ or any other app that deletes files irrecoverably.

file recovery

The features under the ‘Cleaning’ category scan your disk for junk files that apps and sometimes Windows itself create, to free up the space they’re using. Disk Explorer is a search feature that will quickly index files in the drive you select and help you find the ones you’re looking for quickly. It starts searching as you type a file name in the ‘Filter’ bar, and is actually faster than Windows’ Start Search.

disk explorer

Duplicate Finder scans your system for duplicate files. You can narrow the search down to a particular drive and filter the results by file type i.e. images, audio/video files etc. Files can be removed from the app or opened at their original location. The scan might take a while, depending on how large your drive is. Last in this section is the uninstaller that will help you uninstall apps but unlike the default Windows uninstaller, it does a more thorough job of removing all files created by the app. In certain cases, it might be more than useful when you’re uninstalling an app that has hijacked your browser or any other program on your system.

Lastly, there is the Organizer set of features that helps manage which program’s options appear in the right-click context menu for file/folder icons, empty space in a folder, or your Desktop. ‘Startup Manager’ lets you add and remove applications that run when you boot your system. Both these features are available in Mac Keeper as well, but it’s rather obvious that they’re needed more on a PC that doesn’t allow end users to do this easily. The ‘ZeoDisk’ feature is cloud storage space provided by the developers.

startup manager

In our tests, PCKeeper worked exceptionally well but our problem with the system report not being detected by the app persisted. The interface is monumentally better than that of Mac Keeper, and a cut above the usual PC apps that you come across. The app’s window cannot be resized for some reason though, and that can be a hassle when you have a lot of windows to manage.

Download PCKeeper For Windows


We’re giving away 5 PCKeeper licenses to five lucky readers. The giveaway will last for the next 48 hours. Participation is simple.

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  2. Tweet the giveaway, mentioning @addtips.
  3. In the comments below, provide a link to your tweet. To do so, right-click the timestamp below your tweet and copy its URL.

Alternatively, you may comment on our Facebook or Google+ page, where the comment should be under the shared post and not on the page itself. Our editors will pick the 5 winners randomly. Good luck!

Update: The giveaway has been closed. Winners will be contacted shortly.

Update 2: Licenses have been sent to the winners. If you entered for the giveaway, please check your Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Messages or Google+ feed.


  1. Hahhaaa, cramming a bunch of features that can be easily found for free in countless similar applications and charging for it..Spells disaster. Welcome to Windows-world where people aren’t STUPID. That “CRITICAL” warning is hilariously similar to all those famous viruses that call themselves system optimizers and hijack your system. I honestly can’t stop laughing.

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