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Clean Temporary Hard-To-Find Files In Windows

When told about cleaning temporary files in Windows, most users will head over to the Temp directory while others will simply use CCleaner. There are actually more Temp files than most users realize and they are often hard to find. Clean Temporary Places is an opensource temporary files cleaner inspired by Cleano. With one click it can delete all temp files chosen by the user.

There is actually more to that, the main interface contains a cleanup history graph showing the total number of cleanups done and space saved during the process. Users can choose to add more folders to clean up or exclude some. When excluding a folder, all sub-folders will be excluded from clean up as well.

As for now, there are 10 tasks to choose from – User’s Temp, Windows Temp, Software Distributions, Network Places, Recent Documents, Run History, IE Cache, Firefox Cache, Custom Folders, and Recycle Bin.

The best part is that it can execute all selected tasks on startup and also has an ability to clean up all temporary files of multiple (thousands of) computers over the network. To learn how to set up this app over the network, check this guide (useful for corporate administrators).

Clean Temporary PlacesClean Temp Optionsdelete temp advanced

It also has a build-in option to Rebuild the Windows Prefetch which can anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your system. Users can enable shell integration and exclusions feature from Advanced tab but be warned that this is only an Experimental feature as for now.

It works on all versions of Windows after XP. We tested it successfully on our Windows 7 32-bit system. For more, also check out Temp File Cleaner & Temp Cleaner.

Download Clean Temporary Places


  1. How to cleaning temporary files in Windows7, 8? Using PC
    Smart Cleaner Software to users clean Windows Temp, Network Places, Recent Documents,
    Run History, Firefox Cache, Custom Folders, Recycle Bin and more without any trouble.

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  2. I like CCcleaner, but I dislike two things a lot. a.) no auto-update. Every update is like a new install with de-selection of toolbar nonsense. b.) it adds newly installed application and cleans them. Example: I install a PC and configure CCleaner to auto-start and clean. The user then installs Firefox. CCleaner adds (unasked) Firefox to the clean-list and cleans it (Cookies, etc.) at startup. Absolutely terrible… CLE seems better, because it’s not selecting anything as default.

    • There is a file named ccleaner.ini where you can find all those options, find a way to make it read only or replace it as soon as it get’s changed and you can manta in all settings.

      At least while they make fix for that.

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