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Clean Temporary Places: Disk Cleanup Tool That Supports User-Defined Folders & Network Places

Windows’ integrated Disk Cleanup utility pretty much does the job in cleaning temporary files off your system, and it’s been improving with every new release of the OS. However, there are various third-party solutions that offer much more than what Disk Cleanup has up its sleeves (yes, I am talking about CCleaner), but then again, tools like CCleaner house premium options only in paid variants. If you needed a free cleanup utility that boasts features commonly found in premium applications only, then give Clean Temporary Places a try. This open-source tool is jam-packed with a multitude of features, including the ability to define custom cleanup folders, brush off Clones Cache from Firefox, history log with a graph, cleaning files from machines connected to network, perform cleanup task at Windows logon, and more. The intuitive interface is easy-to-use for both advance and novice users alike. Let’s dig in and find out more.

Once fired up, the application presents a small console window, which contains different tabs like General, Custom Folders, Exclusions, Options, Advanced and About. Under General tab, you may perform the clean up operation. It’s worth mentioning that the tool automatically scans and displays the most commonly used cleanup Tasks, which include User’s Temp, Windows Temp, Software Distributions, Network Places, Run History, Internet Explorer Cache, Firefox Clones Cache, Updates Uninstall Files, Custom Folders and Recycle Bin. To perform any task, all you have to do is select it from the task list and click Perform Cleanup Now. You may click Size button next to Perform Cleanup Now to analyze the amount of disk space that you might free up after the removal. Moreover, it shows Cleanup History of your files in terms of Total freed up space to date, Max amount, as well as that of the Last cleanup task. What’s even better, is that the application lets you perform clean up of PCs on your network – a handsome feature that can greatly help network administrators. It was, however, rather surprising to discover that, although the application supports Firefox, there is no sign of other popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Opera.

Clean Temporary Places

Clicking History Details button on the main interface brings forth the Log Report of all tasks. It includes a graphical chart of the clean up tasks, telling you about the task date, along with the amount of space that was gained. You can right click and drag to move left and right and left click and drag to zoom in/out.

Clean Temporary Places_History Details

You may also specify custom directories under Custom Folders tab. Simply click the Add button to choose your target folder(s).

Clean Temporary Places_CustomPlaces

Should you want to maintain folders but still need a few subdirectories within those locations to remain intact, you can do so using the Exclusions tab. Any folder you define here will not be removed after the execution of the delete task. Hop onto Options to configure a few application specific parameters, for example, enabling Execute application On Logon and perform the Selected Tasks automatically triggers selected tasks during startup, and as mentioned in the interface itself, you may use the application using CMD. Simply click Show Parameters to check the supported commands. Further down the road, you may enable immediate delete and Smart Cleanup filter. Lastly, there’s a Scenery option, which lets you specify whether the application’s GUI shows up during the On Logon cleanup, or remain in Stealth Mode.

Clean Temporary Places_Options

The application also enables you to create its desktop shortcut (along with saved settings) from Advanced tab. You may click Rebuild Prefetch to rejuvenate HDD prefetching. Under Other section, you can toggle a few miscellaneous settings, like enabling Shell integration and Exclusions, History support and Automatic application updates.

Clean Temporary Places_Advance

Comparing Clean Temporary Places with CCleaner bones to bones might sound downright unfair, but overall, it surpasses other disk cleanup tools. Although we’re disappointed to see no Google Chrome or Opera support, the developers might integrate them in upcoming updates. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit.

Download Clean Temporary Places

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