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CleanProject – Remove Bin, Obj & Source Bindings From Visual Studio Project And Zip It

Before sharing Visual Studio project with others via email or uploading to development project showcasing platforms like, MSDN, it’s recommended to clean your project folder from unnecessary bin, obj, resharper, test results folders and source control bindings. If you send, for instance, source code bindings along with project files, recipient will get source control errors and eventually fail to test your code. CleanProject is an open source application that unclutters your Project folder and automtically zips only those files and folders which are required to build/compile your project. Apart from providing an option to clean files and folders in Visual Studio UI, it integrates with Windows shell context menu, letting you remove redundant Project files from right-click menu.

CleanProject adds an External Tool called Clean, Remove Source Bindings and Zip Solutions. However, if, for some reasons, it fails to add it, you can manually specify application path with arguments in External Tools accessible from Tools menu.

external tools

Once added, select it from Tools menu to remove folders/files and create ZIP file next to original Project folder. It will run the CleanProject command and show the output in Visual Studio Output console (if Use Output window option is enabled in External Tools window).


Similarly, you can use the Windows right-click context menu to quickly remove un-necessary files and folders, and zip code files.

right-click menu

Once Zip file is created, open it in Windows Explorer to verify the content of your project.

clean files

You can now easily send it to your team member or share it on MSDN without worrying about the code testing problems. CleanProject works with Visual Studio 2010 as well.

Download CleanProject

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