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ClipSize – Clear Clipboard Data And Monitor Size Of Clipboard

Recently we reviewed ClipCube which copies data from the clipboard. ClipSize is a small utility that does just the opposite. It allows clearing the clipboard, as well as showing the memory being utilized by it. This can be quite helpful for users who have limited memory for their systems and use memory intensive applications such as video editing, graphic designing and desktop publishing software.

ClipSize works from the system tray, from where content from the clipboard can be viewed and erased via the right click context menu.

Clip Size

To see the amount of memory being utilized by the clipboard, simply hover your mouse over the ClipSize icon. Keeping an eye on the memory for systems with less RAM can be quite useful to avoid system crashes and application crashes. For example, if you are running Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing software) with the minimum system requirements, you might end up loosing your edited video if the application crashes before you can save the changes. A system crash may also occur if the memory limit is reached. This can to some extent be avoided by making sure that the clipboard is not using a large amount of the memory.


ClipSize works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ClipSize

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  • adamas

    This program is an absolute must-have in my book now: it’s small, flexible, simple, logical and very useful. GUI is simply genius too: absolutely basic, yet functional. But above all I appreciate the fact that it does not require the crappy-*ss .NET, which is the reason it’s so small and good I guess.
    And guys, thanks so so much for your site, it’s one of the reasons I still use the Internet and one of just a couple of sites that I visit. It might not have a gazillion visits like Gizmodo does, but Gizmodo is 99.9% useless crap. God bless yall!!!

  • income tax guy

    Great. Thanks for the update