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ClickBerry Interactivity Creator: Add Interactive Elements To Videos & Share Them On Facebook

Clickberry Interactivity Creator is an Adobe AIR-based application that lets you add clickable elements to your videos. It is an excellent marketing tool for online campaigns on social media, as it allows you to overlay hyperlinks, link to any online video, tag your friends and more, over any selected video. It’s basically designed to make interactive videos, which can include URLs to your websites, images, sidebars, and even the Facebook Like button.  The application offers an elegant user interface and straightforward usage. Just select your video and choose the interactive object that you wish to add.

The user is welcomed with an easy-to-understand, introductory video. You can check the ‘Don’t show introduction’ box on the bottom left corner to access the work environment.


This interactivity creator prompts you for Facebook account login details for accessing this application. If you want to avoid any notification on your Facebook regarding the application use, don’t forget to modify the app settings information sharing feature from ‘Only Friends’ to ‘Only Me’. The application comes with a built-in converter that automatically converts non-supported videos into FLV format.

Program Manager_2012-06-18_14-38-36

The primary screen illustrates all features with intricate details. To give you an overview of the software functionality, we will add a hyperlink and ‘Facebook Like button’ to our video. Clicking the red Add Video button on the top left corner uploads and expands the desired video to the workspace.


To add a hyperlink, click and drag the cursor over the specific object. This allows you to add an interactive object to the video. To add a hyperlink, click the Links button in the left sidebar. You can also click the hand symbol on the shaded part of the video to enable movement of the selected object. A benchmark is automatically added to the bottom bar in the form of hotspots and timeline marks. The timeline marks can be expanded to extend the duration of the interactive element’s effect during the video.


The Facebook Like button can be added in a similar way to the subject video. Just click the FB Like button to add the button over the selected part of the video.


When all effects are inserted into the video, click the green Preview button on the top right part of the toolbar. This will show you the final output of the video with all the overlaid, interactive objects.

fb like

The application works on Windows and Mac OS X, provided you have Adobe AIR installed. We tested the application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition.

Download Clickberry Interactivity Creator

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