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Climsy Is Fastest Way To Share Screenshots Online And On LAN

Screenshot sharing tools come useful where you want to share the installation steps of some software with others or point out some problem by showing a part of application window. Generally, these tools upload images to multiple online image services for sharing purposes, but what if you need to take screenshots and share them with your colleagues connected over the local area network? You can either take  screenshots and then move them to shared location or pick up Climsy for this very purpose. It is a portable one-click screenshot sharing tool which replaces windows native screenshot taking key – PrintScreen to upload & share images to either specified local / remote location or to its native online service and imageshack.us.

Upon launching the application, you will see it in the system tray. Just right-click its icon to configure output location and other general settings. Under the Image section, you can choose image type – JPG or PNG with compression rate.  Underneath it, select the target location. If you need to share images over the network, choose Custom Directory and click Browse to specify the remote location. When done, click Save to start taking screenshots.

climsy 2

When you press PrintScreen key, a message will pop-up over the system notification area with Share image with Climsy button. Clicking this button will save/upload the image to defined location. Once the image is uploaded, you can click the link to open the target folder or copy the link to clipboard to share the link with others.

climsy 3

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Climsy

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  1. Just wanna add that u can click on the Thumbnail in the Pop-up Message “Share image with Climsy” to get a small Image Editor before u upload the screenie to ur prefered place.

    Thx for the tip btw, using it daily now.

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