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Clipboardic: Save Clipboard Items In Files & Share Text Clippings Across Network

Clipboard managers offer an easy way to keep track of items you move to Windows clipboard during a session, and help you use selected clipboard items in required applications. Since clipboard tools allow saving only a limited number of items in the list, you may want to save the entire clipboard items stack separately to restore the clipboard data anytime you want, but wouldn’t it be better if the clipboard manager could automatically move the saved clipboard items to Windows clipboard to let you easily use the paste the items. Nirsoft’s Clipboardic has been designed keeping this very idea in mind. It’s lightweight, portable clipboard manager that lets you save clipboard items in a file (CLP). You can use clipboard files to move the saved clipboard items to Windows clipboard by simply selecting the file from the application.

The application saves the clipboard items’ files in the same directory, where its executable is residing. Just launch the application to activate the clipboard capturing, and start copying text. You will notice that it saves the text that you copy in a file, and shows the copied items in the main list with information, including Filename, Added on (created date), Type, File Size, Computer Name, and Text.

clipboardic main

Before you start a new session, it’s recommended to move the CLP files to another directory, so that clipboard data can be recovered. To move the selected item to clipboard, just select the item from the list, and it will copy that item to clipboard, letting you paste selected text snippet in required application. On toolbar, you will find option to search the saved clipboard data, refresh the list, save the selected clipboard items in text file, and view properties of selected item. By default, it clears all clipboard data on exit, but you can manually clear the clipboard data from system tray menu. If it doesn’t show tray icon, go to Options menu and select Put Icon on Tray.

clipboardic tray

The right-click context menu presents Save Clipboard Item and Copy Clipboard Item. If you want to save an item in the list in TXT format with complete info (filename, added on, file size), choose Save Clipboard Item option. The Copy Clipboard Item option does the same; it copies item’s information to clipboard. As mentioned earlier, if you want to use a saved clipboard item, just select the item from the list, and then paste the text in any application.

copy save clipboard

Cliboardic makes it easy to share clipboard data over network. Instead of manually sending the clipboard files to others, run the Clipboardic executable file from shared location to share the clipboard across the connected systems. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Clipboardic

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