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Code Jumper – Jump To Visual Studio 2010 Code Segments & Declarations

Like previous versions, Visual Studio 2010 also has a built-in feature to bookmark segments of code through Find and Replace dialog. The Bookmark feature lets you easily navigate through significant segments of code and declarations by adding blue glyphs in left sidebar. These glyphs helps visually scan the important code modules. But what about navigating through code segments and declarations?

To achieve this, users often manually bookmark starting or ending of declarations in code file. Code Jumper is a freshly baked add-in for Visual Studio 2010 which takes a novel approach to address this very problem. It adds a small code preview pane alongside Solution Explorer to let you quickly jump to different segments and declarations in code file. Code Jumper is programmed to automatically detect different code segments and list them down the moment you open a code file in editor.

Before installing the add-in, close down all instances of Visual Studio 2010. After installation, launch Visual Studio and open a Solution/Project. You will see Code Jumper pane between editor and Solution Explorer, containing all the segments of current code file. In screenshot below, you can see map of declarations in Code Jumper pane.

code jumper main

Clicking a declaration from the list will instantly show the destination code segment and highlight the declaration, as shown above. The Code Jumper side panel is customizable in terms of position and layout. To change the position, right-click in its panel and select Options. From General tab, you can change its position from left to right side of editor, hide variables and properties, and sort declaration layout.

code jumper options

Code Jumper provides the best way to jump to different segments and declarations in code file. It works on only Visual Studio 2010.

Download Code Jumper

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