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Coffee Keeps Your System Awake During Downloads

Windows Power Options provide few customization features to stop your system from going into standby or sleep mode due to inactivity. However, many a times one might prefer keeping a power plan which allows the system to go into standby or sleep mode, to conserver battery power.  Having said that, it can be quite annoying to continually switch between power plans to keep the system awake during important downloading tasks. I certainty get quite annoyed when I leave a download running and find the system in sleep mode when I return after a few minutes, (because I forgot to change the power plan). A solution to this problem can be to use opensource Coffee. It works pretty much like the coffee we drink to stay awake, i.e, it prevents your system from going to sleep when important downloads are running.

Just launch this portable application and select you network adapter, followed by the download threshold and click Sleep Blockers. For example, if you select a threshold of 100Kbs, the the computer will not go to sleep mode when there is a download rate of 100 KBs or above. Coffee allows you to keep a power plan which conserves battery life and at the same time provides the utility to keep the system awake, when there is a download running according to your selected threshold.


So if you are tired of switching between power plans, then what better way to keep your system awake (during important downloads), than to use Coffee.

It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Coffee


  1. How is this different than Windows 7’s native power options? Under: power options>>advanced settings>>multimedia settings>>when sharing media,
    you can tell it whether to prevent the computer from idling to sleep or not. It is intended for streaming video over the network but I believe it works for active downloads too.

    If it’s not working, try turning Wireless Adapter Settings to maximum performance. Or try disabling USB selective suspend (if you’re using a USB wifi adapter.) (Neither of these options apply to wired LAN connections.)

    Last, most downloading programs have a setting to prevent the computer from idling to sleep (Utorrent does.)

    I’ve never had Win7 go to sleep on a download.

  2. XP is not supported.

    The way windows handles the power modes on XP is quite different, unfortunately I can not code for a operating system that I do not have installed.

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