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Cognician Helps You Think Outside The Box By Asking Thought Provoking Questions

Cognician is a desktop application that helps users in complex intellectual tasks by providing thought provoking questions in the form of cogs. These can be downloaded from the Cognician website for specified topics related to environment, websites, social networking, etc. For example, a cog may contain questions regarding  “things to consider before settings up a Facebook fan page”?

You need to either signup for an account or use Facebook login to get started. It comes with five built-in cogs with an option to download specific cogs from the product page. All the cogs are grouped into different categories e.g. Facebook fan page, pollution, SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) Analysis, and more.

Anyone can greatly benefit from appropriate cogs to ask you questions regarding the selected category. For example, you wish to do a SWOT Analysis for your company, select the SWOT category to view possible questions that may help you in generating possible ideas and analyzing information. Questions asked in cogs can be answered by individuals and shared on Twitter. To disengage from a cog , click on the Disengage button (present at the top left corner).


Cogs can also be saved in its native .CGN and HTML format. You can also integrate it with Twitter from Profile drop-down menu.  From Content tab, users can see all the available resources  with all the opened cogs.


It can be used by readers, authors, entrepreneurs, students, etc., to help them find ideas related to their points of interest with the help associated cogs. It was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS and works with Windows, Mac and Linux based Operating Systems.

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