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Collector Notepad: Easily Catalog & Manage Collections With Photos

Among many habits that people have for leisure and entertainment, collecting a particular type of item is a very common one among people. Specially the previous generations of humans, when computers and smartphones were not that common, collecting things used to be a very popular past time. People still collect different items, such as stamps, coins, buttons, key chains etc. If you are one of the dying breed of collectors, it is very important to manage your collections and have complete information for each item. One part of collecting items requires you to know where each item came from. When the quantity of collectibles is still low, it is not that difficult to remember where they came from, and when they were acquired, but when the quantity increases, you have to start taking notes if you want to remember the history behind them. Collector Notepad is an application for Windows that allows collectors to catalog their collectibles in a simple way.

The simplicity of Collector Notepad lies in its ability to record only the most important information required for your collectible. This simple process keeps the time required for entering information in the application very low. It is a very easy-to-understand application for beginners who do not want to lose track of their collectibles, and when and where they came from.

The application stores up to three photographs for each object. Along with the photographs, you can record the Title, Date of Acquirement and Description about the item. To record a collectible, click New Exhibit button at the bottom, select the 3 images, enter title and a comment with information about the item. You can edit the information with the Edit button available in the top right corner. When all information is entered, click Save New Entry.

Collector Notepad - AddictiveTips

Once the information is saved, you can view it by clicking the View button. The view button shows you the Title, Acquisition date, and Comment that you previously added. You can sort the added items by Acquirement Priority, Entry Priority or Title depending on your requirement.

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Collecter Notepad works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Collector Notepad

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