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Color Express: A Comprehensive Tool To Pick, Extract And Blend Colors

When I first started using the computer, the 256 colors of Windows 95 viewable on a Pentium 1 was considered a big deal after the black and white display supported by pre-Pentium 386 and 486 computers. These days, however, the number of colors viewable on a computer screen are in millions. So, when there are so many colors, how to pick out exactly the one that you want? Previously, we have covered some very useful application regarding color management. Some of these applications, such as Pictures to Color and Color Finder, which allow you to extract colors from images, ColorToy that lets you find the HEX and RGB values of a random color and Instant Eyedropper that lets enables you to view color values of items on your desktop and copy them to clipboard. Today, we have another application to fulfill your color management needs, called Color Express, that lets you choose colors using a classic HSB picker, Hue Square or Hue Circle. Moreover, it allows you to extract colors from images and your desktop screen, and blend two colors together. Keep reading to find out more about Color Express after the break.

The application has basically three main modes to choose a required color. The first mode is Standard (accessible from the tab at the top) that provides you with the classic HSB color picker pane available in Windows. You can either drag the selection tool to choose the color, or input the values manually in the right side.

Color Express Standard

The second tab, Hue Square, lets you choose a basic color from rainbow strip and then fine-tune it using the Hue square available in the middle.

Color Express Hue Square

The third tab, titled Hue Circle, allows you to select the required color from an HSV color wheel. The Only web colors option available in the top right side allows you to view only a web-friendly range of the colors in the color palette.

Color Express Hue Circle

On the right side, the Color menu has options to extract colors from image, from screen, blend colors, export, copy HTML, C++, Java, Delphi, RGC, HSL etc color values to clipboard, swap basic colors, invert, select a random color, make the selected color web-safe or web-smart etc.

Color Express Options

In the Color menu, select From Image to access the Color from Image tool for extracting colors from images. From the top, specify the number of colors you want to view and click Choose. The most dominant colors matching the user-specified number will be displayed at the right side of the image.

Color from image

Select From Screen in the Color menu to view the color values of items available on your desktop.

Color Express From Screen

The Color Blender tool (Blend udner Color menu) allows you to specify the RGB values of two different colors and blend them together to see how the resulting color will look. The Color Blender tool allows you to change the composition of each color in the mix through the percentage bar.

Color Express Color blender

The key features of the application as stated by the developer are as follows.

  • Three visual editors
  • Four color spaces: RGB, HSL, CMYK, and CIE Lab
  • Opportunity to work in a palette of 216 colors (Web-safe), and color processing to web-safe palette and web-smart (4096)
  • Color preview with transparency and color from a palette of web-safe and web-smart
  • Extraction of color from any source: the image on the screen, the current topic, etc
  • Color mixing tool
  • Creating a color negative
  • RGB exchange with one click
  • Input color value in HTML format
  • Export the selected color in the form of an image
  • Copy color values ​​in many formats
  • Random color
  • Range of 36 favorite colors

Color Express has a memory foot print of 16.5 Mb and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Color Express

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