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Comics are a great way of entertainment and also help pass time. Back in old days, people would do anything to get hold of their favorite comic issues. But in today’s digital age, most people visit websites to find and read their favorite comics or books.

Some websites make comics and books available in CBZ/ZIP and CBR/RAR formats. Although there are many e-book readers out there, one developer nicknamed TheCamel disagrees. According to him many e-book readers are out-of-date and do not provide complete functionality.

After years of development, WPF Comics Book Reader was born. It is a free tool developed on Windows Presentation Foundation(thus, the name WPF) that reads books and comics that are in either CBZ/ZIP or CBR/RAR formats.

Update: Also try out ComicRack, as few commenters pointed out below. It supports more wider formats including PDF.

What makes it unique is the functionality, you can bookmark pages, magnify any section, hit CTRL and Roll Mouse Wheel to zoom, view in full screen, display all pages and book structure, manage library, and much more.

Comics Book Reader

Screenshot above is taken from developer’s page

In traditional E-Book reader, you will have to leave the program open and then come back to read from where you left. But with Comics Book Reader, you can bookmark the page where you left off and then open the bookmark to continue reading.

Update: Even though it can come useful to comics and books enthusiast, you should know that it takes around 41MB of system memory.

Download WPF Comics Book Reader

The app comes with some great functionalities and is updated regularly by the developer. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. ComicRack is horrendous. I can’t believe people are recommending it. It stores data in NTFS streams, it doesn’t exit when you tell it to exit, it’s bloated with all kinds of unnecessary functions, and it’s closed source.

  2. Do you know any comic reader that supports Windows 7 multitouch capabilities?

    Thanks in advance, Antonio

  3. Interesting !
    Just for information, it takes a lot of memory the first time you load it, because of the creation of the cover thumbnails and reading the original images (nb covers * image size). After that, it will load the preview images (which are not so big).

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