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Compare Advance Lets You Backup, Sync & Mirror Data In Windows

Some applications ooze simplicity and ease-of-use, and Compare Advance daringly qualifies for being one of them. It’s a user-friendly application that’s designed to let users compare two different folders to find any similarities or dissimilarities between the stored content in each. Obviously, you can simply put two folder windows side by side for some manual nitpicking, but what Compare Advance actually does, is that it automatically finds similar and non-similar files among the folders and presents them in separate panes, which definitely saves a lot time from being wasted. Comparing files isn’t the only weapon up its arsenal; the program also allows you to synchronize, backup or mirror files from one directory to the other, within a few clicks.

I don’t really commend plain looking software, but exception has to be made here, since the tool offers plethora of useful choices. The application houses two main panels on its interface. To the left is Select Folders, Main Controls and Statistics. To the right is where the content contained under the selected folders is listed. It includes 5 tabs, which are Overview, Folder 1 only, Folder 2 only, Same and Different. Folder 1 and 2 tabs let you see the files of both folders under comparison. Same and Different tabs automatically separate the content that is similar and non-similar between the two directories, respectively.

Compare Advance

Choosing directories for comparison is also quite easy. The browser console lets you simultaneously select the folders that you want to compare. There’s also a Multi-folder select option, which enable users to mark multiple directories in one go.

Compare Advance_Select Folders

The main power of the application lies in its synchronization and backup capability. There are different ways in which you can backup or sync, or even mirror, your files. Mirroring comes in handy when you simply want to move the content from one directory to the other. The application also allows you to sync data in both ways, which means synchronizing the files between both directories, thus not copying the items which are already present. However, if you want to store a backup copy of your files, such as photos, music or video etc, you can opt for backup option.

Compare Advance_ SynchronizeBackupMirror

Another nifty feature of the tool is it lets you delete or copy only selected files in the folders. For this, first you need to mark the files in the folders after enabling checkmark on toolbar. After that, you may click Copy or Delete buttons under Main Controls and then perform the desired action accordingly.

Copy or Delete

Clicking Tools > Options lets you access the configuration console. There’s not much to tinker in the options window, really and all it contains are some generic settings under Display, Prompts, Colors, Diff viewer and Shell integration sections.

Compare Advance_General Options

Overall, the combination of simple usage and an umpteen number of useful features make Compare Advance one of the best Windows applications around. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8.

Download Compare Advance


  1. It looks like a good piece of software but if you have to do directory and file comparison frequently I would highly recommend Beyond Compare. The only downside is Beyond Compare will set you back $50.

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