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Compare Photoshop Elements, Layers, Effects With Compare PSD

Compare PSD can be a lifesaver for Photoshop geeks who need to compare any two PSD files. Sometimes while hurrying, you will make multiple files named Untitled1.psd, Untitled2.psd, and so on. Searching for a specific effects can then be difficult, later on.

The only way to find out a certain effect or layer would be to open up the psd files one by one and scroll through them, which can be a serious time waster.

Compare PSD does not require you to open up Photoshop, just select any two PSD files and it will display the difference between them in a simple-to-use interface that looks much similar to that of Photoshop.

Compare PSD

It compares elements-by-elements, layers-by-layers, effects-by-effects, and so on, complete with thumbnails comparison. There is also a little search box on top to find a specific layer, element, etc in the PSD files.

The app integrates in Windows Explorer Shell Extension, thus making it easier for users to compare the PSD files without having to open up Photoshop.

Download ComparePSD


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