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Comparing Directories Made Easy With Game Update Maker

Many a times you’d be left wondering as to which was the latest amongst the many copies of a particular file that resides in multiple folders. Or you may have created two similar directories, and now need only the updated files from both. Manually checking every file can be a tedious task, especially if they are in large numbers.

Game Update Maker solves this dilemma. The purpose of this software is to compare two directories and provide an output consisting of different files in a third folder. While the original intention behind its creation was to create game update packs (as implied by the name), it can be used for any folder comparisons. Pretty useful if you are working in the same document, workbook etc from two different folders, and want to extract the latest one.


It is a portable tool with two built-in options; Hash (CRC32) and Last Change’s date, on the basis of which the software makes the comparison.

It requires a minimum of .NET 3.5 Framework and works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Download Game Update Maker


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