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Compile And Run VB, C# And F# Code Without Installing Visual Studio

Don’t have Visual Studio installed on your system and you want to compile some C# or VB code to verify the functionality of your project modules? You should try out FastSharp. It’s is a lightweight text editor to compile not only C# and VB code but also F#. It was designed to let users compile and run C# and VB code without having to open or install Visual Studio. All the Import statements required to compile code have already been appended which enables you to compile C# and VB code without any problems. The Import list is configurable. You can access it anytime and change it to meet your coding requirements. A small output console window beneath the code editor lets you identify errors and view outputs. FastSharp also offers a small desktop gadget to compile and run VB, C# and F# code right from the desktop.

On the main toolbar, you have options to compile and run code. If you’re dealing with C # or VB code files, you can open them as well by clicking Open. Before compiling the code, make sure that you’ve specified code language from pull-down menu present alongside Run command.


Next to code language selection drop-down menu, you can change editor font and bring up main Settings window. In Setting window, you will find customizable Import and References lists.


If you don’t want to bring up FastSharp code editor every time just to compile and view output of code, you can use FastSharp desktop gadget instead.

fastsharp desktop

FastSharp works on all version of Windows.

Download FastSharp


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