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ConFavor – Add Frequently Used File And Folders In Windows Shell Menu

Windows right-click context menu extensions provide a great utility to quickly access favorite applications, files and folders, but generally require long steps to configure and register each option. In the past, we have covered a handful of context menu extensions to keep mostly frequntly used files, folders and apps at fingertips, such as, CMenu, Moo0 RightClicker, and FileMenu ToolsConFavor offers the easiest way to add customized menu (Favorites menu) in Windows right-click context menu. It not only integrates with Windows right-click menu, but adds itself in My Computer (Explorer Window) as well to lets you quickly add files and folders via simple drag & drop. You can optionally choose to use its main interface for same purpose, which provides simple add, rename and delete user-added context menu options.

my fav 2

After installing the app, it will add an empty menu called My Favorites in Windows right-click context menu. You can either open My Computer followed newly added My Favorites location to add files and folders or use its main interface. From main interface, click Add and select File or Folder to specify target location of item you’re adding. Once added, it will show you the list in main window. Similarly, you can add more items in My Favorites menu.

add folder 1

Once required folders and files are added, right-click on either files, desktop, folders, drive, Explorer navigation items, to access My favorites menu items. The menu also allows adding more files and folders whilst Organize favorites option will bring up the main interface.

right click 2

ConFavor comes in two different versions. The Free version allows adding up to 10 items in My Favorites, whereas, the Pro version costs $9.60 and comes without any limitations. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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