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Conloco: Batch-Download & Install Free Software And Check For Updates

How often do you have to reinstall your Windows OS? Being a reviewer, for me,  it’s one of those tasks that I frequently need to perform. If you’re like me, who must have to go through the process of downloading and installing all your favorite applications and system utilities, from scratch, whenever Windows gets reinstalled – you must have an idea about this whole painstaking procedure. Wouldn’t it be more convenient, if you could download and install most of the frequently used applications at one go and all from a single place? Luckily Conloco is an answer. It’s an open-source program, which is designed to keep an eye on latest (and most popular) free software, displaying a catalog from wherein you can download them in batch. In addition, it also keeps a check on latest software updates and notifies you if a newer version of the program is available – thus saving you the headache of manually updating each program. Details to follow after the jump.

To get started, launch the application and you will be presented with its primitive and simple looking user-interface, showing a list of available applications on the left side. All the applications are listed under Catalog section. Clicking an application shows its brief Description, Author name, Website as well as Current and Installed versions, on the main panel to the right. Obviously if the current version is already the updated version then there is no need to install that application. Purportedly, you can install all the selected applications in one go. Installation process itself is easy as a pie, just mark the applications that you want to download and click Download and Install on the quick access bar (or select Actions > Download and Install from the menu bar) to start the process. Every application you mark and push under the download process, it’s added to the download Job.


A dialogue window pops up, displaying the currently Running Jobs (i.e. applications that are being downloaded). Just sit back and wait for the process to finish or you may halt it anytime by clicking the Cancel button.

Running Jobs

As of now, Conloco doesn’t have a massive list of applications. The only worthwhile we found were Firefox, Gimp, Notepad++, VLC, Thunderbird etc. Hopefully, developer will add more applications to the list in future updates. The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 64-bit.

Download Conloco


  1. If AllMyApps is better than this and this isn’t better than Ninite, then Ninite must be better than AllMyApps…which it is.

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