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Contig: Advanced Defragmentation Of Specified Folder

Defragmentation is a phenomenon of streamlining the non-contiguous data to make it contiguous in order to access data more rapidly. Windows offers a simple defrag tool and you can also find Advanced Defragmentation tools in numbers, generally the process is lengthy and takes a lot of time to completely defrag the disk’s content. Considering the importance, wouldn’t it be great if you can defrag the data which you frequently use, Contig is designed to full-fill this very need.

It is small application which runs in CLI environment, you’d just require to specify the folder path which you wish to defrag and it will start start adjusting the data contiguously. Usage complexity is relative, you would need to open command prompt with administrative privileges and run its executable file followed by the path of the folder. It comes with four switches, which are v,a,q,s for printing defrag information, analyze defrag process, run defragmenter in quite mode, and perform recursive defragmentation of sub-directories respectively. However, for newly created folder, you can simply run contig.exe without any switches followed by the path of folder.

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Once defragmentation is completed, it will display number of files processed and average fragmentation before and after the process.


While testing, the application defragmented above 1000 files without taking much time. If you’re in need to defrag only mostly used data, you can try this application out.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Contig

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