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Control iTunes Using Global Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

For a long time iTunes did not have support for hotkeys but now it does but unfortunately, it is restricted. You can control iTunes while it is minimized, but you cannot change the default keyboard shortcuts, which has annoyed many users. Since every user has their own personal choice of keeping keyboard shortcuts, there is a need for an application that helps in this case. hktunes is an opensource tool that allows users to control iTunes using global hotkeys, but since iTunes already supports it, what you can do with this app is to set a different hotkey so it does not conflict with other applications or games that might be running.

Let’s say iTunes is your default media player and you love listening to your favourite music while playing. Now in this situation if your hotkey is conflicting; you press “Enter” key to select an option in-game but the song playing in iTunes stops too, then with hktunes you can select a different hotkey for playing and stopping music in iTunes.

hktunes is a small portable tool that sits silently in the system tray. To configure the hotkeys, right-click this system tray icon and select Edit Config.

iHK iTunes Hotkeys

Double-click any hotkey to reassign a different modifier keys. It supports the following modifier keys: Win, Ctrl, Alt, and Shift. You can select multiple modifier keys or a single one, for example you can set Alt+P for playing and pausing songs or set Shift+Alt+P for the same task.

itunes Hotkey

To run the application on startup, put the app in the Startup folder, which can be found in Start Menu. You can also set it to check for updates automatically from the system tray context menu.

It is that simple to use. Could it be more easier than this?

Download hktunes

It works on all versions of Windows and iTunes based on our testing. Enjoy!


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