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Control Screen Brightness And Turn Off Monitor With iBrightness

Picture clarity in modern displays depend on the difference between brightness and contrast ratio. The farther these two are to each other, the better your image or video would look. Surely, keeping your LCD brightness high during gaming sessions or while watching a movie does make sense, as the picture becomes more vivid and bright. But when you’re using your PC at night with the lights turned off, doesn’t the screen seem a bit too bright? It puts strain on your eyes, and in the worst case scenario, can also harm your eyesight. Furthermore, when you’re surfing the web or doing some writing stuff on MS Word or writing an important email to your boss, you don’t want to keep the brightness level to the full. Whether you know it or not, more brightness also squeezes out more electricity, thus hefty bills to be paid at the end of the month. Although, you can change brightness level from within your LCD’s OSD, with iBrightness, a brightness control tool for Windows, you’d keep monitor power and display brightness controls at your fingertips. Whilst you can change the screen brightness from native display options available in Control Panel, iBrightness provides you a unified interface to change brightness. What’s more, it also enables to turn off monitor and activate desktop screensaver. More details after the break.

There is not much to talk about the interface, as the application has pretty fair amount of scarcity here. After installation, the application quietly runs in system tray, not disturbing your in whatever you’d doing. Right-click provides access to to its context menu which contains iBrightness (to change brightness), Turn Off Monitor, Screen Saver, Change Screen Saver and Auto Start options.


To change screen brightness, all you need to do is click its system stray icon to access the iBrightness console. Move the slider left and right to decrease or increase the brightness, respectively. It’s worth mention here that the incremental difference it provides is quite noticeable. You can keep the brightness between 0 to 100 percent. This miniscule console also gives you direct access to Screen Saver.

iBrightness Console

As mentioned earlier, other than enabling you to change screen brightness, iBrightness also provides options to turn off monitor, activate screensaver and change the screensaver. Select Auto Start if you want the application to run on Windows start up. iBrightness works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7.

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