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Siimple – Control Windows Applications And Perform Tasks With Wiimote

Want to extend the usability of your Wiimote (Nintendo Wii controller) to the point where you can control Windows applications and perform other numerous PC tasks without using the mouse? Siimple is an  application that connects your Wiimote with PC over Bluetooth connection, allowing you to use a host of Windows applications without having to use any other pointing device. The application was built using open source WiimoteLib and Windows Input Simulator libraries to control most frequently used applications and Windows native utilities, including, Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Notepad, MS PowerPoint and Word, Wordpad and so on.

Furthermore, it brings convenience of adding current application into supported application list through a script. Since it supports a simple script language, you can tailor your Wiimote’s functionality and behavior as per your requirements. Script for each pre-supported application are shown on configuration console. You can pick up any script, edit it to perform desired functionalities with your applications.

Before you begin, make sure your Wiimote is connected with PC over Bluetooth. Now, launch the application to let it automatically establish connection with Wiimote.


After the connection is established, you can see small message ‘Running’ at bottom left corner of the window. Each tab holds commented script to handle respective application. When you, for instance, want to control Google Chrome through Wiimote, switch to Chrome tab and learn the mapped Wiimote keys and movements.

The Advanced menu lets you change connection speed, which is by default set to 3. From Script menu, you can manage your scripts and create new ones. Once you add the script, it creates a new tab for the application/function while allowing you to enter the script to handle the application’s behaviors.

new script 2

Siimple doesn’t take too long to connect with first active Wiimote present in your PC’s proximity. However, if you face any connectivity issues, you can always access help manual from Help menu that guides you through the process of establishing connection with Wiimote devices.

Siimple is an open source application that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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